Cordless Heat Gun

A very handy tool to own is a cordless heat gun for those repair and building tasks around home. A cordless heat gun allows you to use the tool without the worry of an electrical outlet nearby or dragging and extension cord across the room or garage.

Here are the best cordless tools to consider:

This five-star, Master Appliance Cordless Soldering Iron and Heat Gun is operated by flameless butane and comes with a built-in fan for enhanced air flow. This heat gun reaches temperatures to 572F with the fan and 932F without using the fan. It is ideal for terminating shrink tubing and specialty connectors under 10mm or less. The burst of air with the fan gives it a turbo-burst to get the job done.

This Master Appliance Cordless Heat Gun eliminates burning and scorching damage to shrink tubing during installation. Only weighing 2 pounds, this tool is lightweight to use on extended projects. This product sells fast so order quickly. It is the perfect holiday or Father’s Day gift for the man who enjoys working on projects and repairs around the house.

The Techni-Tool Heat Gun heats up to 1400F, has a wide nozzle, a high output catalyst and rapid instant ignition for instant usage. The tool design comes with an ergonomic grip and is cordless for freedom of movement without the hindrance of a cord plugged into an electrical outlet. This Techni-Tool Heat Gun is priced just right for those projects needing heat application such as activating adhesives and other compounds, installing heat-shrinkable and solder-filled terminals and other jobs needing heating or drying applications.

In addition to these excellent cordless heat guns, there are cordless soldering irons and cordless glue guns that you may want to consider depending on your project needs. The benefit to any of the cordless tools you purchase is the freedom of working on projects without the worry of an electrical outlet nearby or is the cord long enough to reach the outlet. Plus cords can be in the way when working on delicate small projects with intricate parts.

This quick charge Weller Super-Pro Self-Igniting Cordless Butane Soldering Iron heats quickly for those household or school science projects that need quick heat. The Weller Pro Series Battery Powered Soldering Iron is great gift idea for the person in the family who loves doing home improvement projects or the scientific or engineering student who builds science projects for school assignments or Science Fairs. Also this tool is perfect for those who love to build toy robot kits.

All serious crafters and home improvement individuals will want to consider this powerful Steinel ThermaMelt 6000 Cordless Butane Powered Glue Gun. This cordless glue gun heats up quickly, uses easy-melt glue sticks and is powered by butane for safe usage. The gun is designed with a rubber grip and built-in stand for those projects that you need to pick up and put down the glue gun often. This gun is a perfect gift for those crafters who are working with little pieces.

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